Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hello all!!
This is my attempt at a blog revision. I have resources and books, in my collection, that are perfect tools to reexamine media that I have obsessively consumed in my short 24 years. You may giggle, I would expect nothing less, but that collection of media is Star Trek, The Original Series (TOS) and Next Generation (NG), Battlestar Galactica, The Beatles, and Pixar films (full length and short).
Now with these in mind, I am attempting to delve into my college eduaction and do media analysis with the assistance of Netflix instant watch and my ever growing Popular Culture and Philosophy book collection.
The motivation behind this comes from a drastic, and so far somewhat boring, change in job. I have been rewarded with an 8-5 schedule and hours sitting at a desk with little to do. So in turn I am going to attempt to utilize this time to...think, go figure.
The first content filled blog post that I am in the process of writing pertains to the chapters entitled "The Narrative Disruptions of Model Eight," "Am I a Cylon? Self-Knowledge at the Crossroads" and peppered references from "Frak-tured Postmodern Lives, Or, How I Found Out I Was a Cylon" from the text Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy.
Coming Soon: We Could All be Cylons!: The Construction of Self-knowledge...

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