Friday, October 28, 2011



I know, I know. With the premier of fall network shows, there is one question you have been asking yourself…which fairy tale recreation show am I going to try to make time in my already full TV watching schedule this season?

It has been daunting me too, so no worries friends! I am here to help you!

The two shows premiering this week are Once Upon a Time (OUAT) and Grimm (G) airing on your local ABC and NBC affiliates, respectively. They are both unique in their own rights, after an initial viewing, but seem targeted to similar audiences. They also seem to be targeted to the networks that are showing them…go figure. In my experience, which I have many years of, the way ABC and NBC design and cherry pick their primetime shows, is unique to a demographic they are targeting. On ABC, things are obviously fantastical. Thursday primetimes would be the obvious exception, but has anyone actually seen that many beautiful people working in a hospital? Typically, their shows, including Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Lost, etc., all have an element of their plot or direction that make it apparently fictitious. This is usually portrayed with things as complex as murderous, adulterous, or unbelievable plot twists or things as simple as vibrant colors, dead people monologues and extreme camera angles. Yes, they portray characters that people learn to love (or hate) and stories that people care about. But they become shows where the people of a community would be shocked if these things actually happened.

This is the general idea behind OUAT. The story opens with the introduction of, what becomes, our first female protagonist, Snow White…and her Prince Charming! Given that there is also an Evil Queen/Stepmother/Witch, which ever seems to fit that episode, as soon as their happy ending is in sight things start happening. She casts a spell on the whole community of Fairy tale happy ending seekers and leaves them to their fate…unhappy endings. The second female protagonist is introduced next, Emma, (SPOILER) by the end of the episode, revealed to be the daughter of Snow and her prince (End SPOILER). If that doesn’t complicate things enough, she is also a bail bondswoman, identifies strongly with the fact that she is an orphan and gave up her own son for adoption a mere ten years prior, and it’s her birthday! As I’m sure you can predict by now, all of these things are going to become painfully relevant.

Anyways, she goes on a date (he thinks it’s a date…she’s working). When she arrives home with her heartbreakingly lone cupcake to act as a birthday cake for one, she is greeted at her door by her claim to be long-lost-given-up-for-adoption 10 year old son, Henry. He then tells her that he needs to come with her and that she is one of the characters in his book of fairy tales. At this point I was telling my computer (I watched the show on hulu) that the writers for this show better have something better for her character, because it seems like she just played ALL of her cards. This may become short lived and stagnant, quick.

So, the curse, that apparently Emma can save these characters from, has trapped them in the town of Storybrooke, Maine. Here, time has stopped and these people who inhabit the town have no idea who they are, or the fact that they have been stuck like this for 28 years. The only person who does is the evil-queen-witch-stepmother-now-Storybrooke-mayor woman. We also meet Snow who is a kind hearted and apathetic elementary school teacher…there is more to her than meets the eye…but maybe that’s next week’s episode. Oh and Prince Charming is in a comma. What a way to start a new show!

Given that the show is produced by the same crazy, lunatic, geniuses of LOST fame. I know it’s redundant, but did you watch that show?? RIDICULOUS! Regardless, the first episode got positive reviews, but the characters have the potential to live or die in the limelight. After this first episode, I’m excited to see how the show, on its own, progresses.

But, what is going to happen when NBC premiers Grimm this week? After watching a brief cut of the first half of the premier, it seems to be on a different track, entirely (as entirely different these two shows can be at least).

More to come about Grimm and which show is right for you!!


  1. I think they should just bring back Pushing Daises...and yes I don't remember which network it was on, but if was by far the best. And yes I also realize that this is a post about Fairy Tales, but seriously...Pushing Daises!
    Love, Stephanie

  2. I loved Pushing Daisies too! It was on ABC so this is an appropriate place to post said