Wednesday, March 27, 2013

#42 Uncompromising


Unwilling to grant concessions or negotiate; inflexible

I can't decide if this is my life or not. Or at least what it is supposed to be.

I live in a small village. There are 301 residents in our small community. I know some of them, but my mom and dad know everybody. As I get older they will let me meet more people. We have to be 16 years old before our parents let us meet people who are older than us. They say it is for our safety. I don't believe it, unlike my friend Minnie who is on the side of the adults.

We live in a place where we don't work outside the lines and we follow the rules. Everyone understands that the rules are there for a reason, even if they aren't explained to us. There is a border around the town. From the stories that our parents tell us the original settlers got here by crossing over that line, but they could never cross back. They were stuck. The story goes that they found a door and through the door there was food. The town was built around the door and it has been that way ever since.

I live with my parents, 2 older twin brothers and younger sister. My brothers are training to be scouts. My sister is learning from our mother how to cook the food that the boys bring home. My mother is a nurse in the infirmary. My father is the leader of the scouts. He no longer goes out on missions, but he trains the younger boys with his teammate, William. I hope when I am 18 I can start training. Not many girls have gone on to do it successfully. Only once has a woman not disappeared on their first mission; Jean, she is a legend among us young girls who want to train. As far as the records go back we have only lost 5 men on their first mission. It is a job that requires strength and bravery. It isn't a safe job, the teams usually spend a week in the in the infirmary after each trip. There are 28 scouts. A few of them only last their first year, so they train 4-6 new ones every year. It is expected that my brothers will be the best of the best. I want to be the best of the best. I want to know what is beyond that door.

Everyone speculates what happens through it. The scouts are forbidden to talk about it. Only they know what happen through the door and they are not shy about sharing the horrifying legends of those who have barely come back. It is a rule that no one breaks except the stories of scouts past. We believe in the system. We would starve if we didn't. We are taught to have faith in what lies beyond the door and not question it.

I question it…

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