Saturday, August 17, 2013

21. Klick


Noun: A kilometer.


The second rule of being a scout is that you must have a keen understanding of direction and distance. We teach where you go and how to get back. We will teach you the trails and paths, but you are the ones who have to make it back. There is and intuition to it. We have lost more than a few tenderfoots because they lost their way. You have always that with being a part of this community you must be caring a watchful. We, the scouts, are the tested ones. If you are not confident in your own abilities to get back home, don't go. It is easier to have a scout step down than to never see them come home again. When you are lost there, you never return. The only ones who ever had were The Originals. They did not have targets on their backs.

You, you will have a target on your back. The hunters know what you look like, you have to know where they will be next. You have to understand the field before you even trespass into it. We will teach you the layout, but you must be able to lay it in front of you at a moment's notice. We call them hunters. They will hunt you. We will train you for spatial awareness. We will train you on where to hide and where the food is. We will train you on where the hunters hide. But they, like you, are trained to understand "the other". They only know you as the people that steal their food. You mean nothing else to them. They have an uncanny way of know where you are at all times. It is difficult to outsmart them. Their communication with each other is almost cerebral. Since this is our community's only source of food, you must also be that connected with your partner.

We will teach you, but you are not The Originals, you are the tenderfoots. We will teach you the way, but you must learn it.

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