Friday, September 12, 2014

Kate's Meadow and Needing More Cigarettes

For my dad's birthday on Wednesday we decided to adventure up to Kate's Meadow outside of Ridgway. This is an adventuring location my parents have talked about for quite sometime. I had never been, so this became the birthday excursion. The drive up on the dirt road was scenic and reminiscent for mom and dad. They talked about the movies True Grit and How the West Was Won. My mom got a kick out of thinking that John Wayne, Robert DuVall, and Debbie Reynolds had all traveled up the same road.
Up at the top of the trail we frolicked through the meadow and Michael convinced me to climb up the rock from the final showdown scene. He chose this opportunity to be a supermodel!

After our lunching and light wood hauling we were driving down the mountain and around one of the last sharp turns was a tow truck parked on the edge of the dirt road. This was unnerving given that the tow cables were stretched across the road down a ~50 ft embankment. Please note: this is not where trucks are supposed to go.
After this little discovery, we decided that this may or may not be the worst part of this guy's day. Today, this guy's dog died, he ran over his cat, his wife told him she wants a divorce, his girlfriend left him, the liquor store is out of whiskey -- and burned down, then on his drive up the mountain he discovered that he was out of cigarettes! All the makings of a classic country song!
It was a great day!

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